Far Cry

Just be careful you don’t disturb the local natives though. They may not look nice, but as long as you don’t bother them they won’t hurt you; much. Welcome to the beautiful land of Far Cry where all your vacation needs can be fulfilled and where bloodthirsty mercenaries stalk your every move.


Crytek and Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Far Cry, looks to revolutionize the first person shooter genre. From open-ended gameplay to great graphics and sound, Far Cry seems to have it all. For those of you who don’t have the means of downloading the recent 500MB demo, we’ll discuss the demo in detail as well as giving you the latest scoop on the multiplayer component of Far Cry and the storyline behind this great looking shooter.


As Jack Carver, you run a charter-boat business with just one boat serving as your home. Valerie, a female reporter, offers Mr. Carver a nice sum of money to charter his boat to an island full of mysterious military activity. The next thing you know your boat’s destroyed, Valerie has been kidnapped, and your adventure has just begun. Throughout the course of the game you’re out to get back at the mercenary soldiers who destroyed all of your belongings and to rescue Valerie. It’s not exactly our perfect idea of a tropical island vacation.


Recently a 500MB demo has been released letting you try out the action in Far Cry. It’s basically a beta demo as many graphical features are missing from the demo, but it still gives us enough gameplay to see how this great shooter will turn out. In Far Cry there are many different islands you can go to and the demo takes place on the course of one island. Your main objective is to get to the top of the island and destroy the radar dish. The first outstanding thing you’ll probably notice is the draw distance. Far Cry has very long draw distances that seem to be miles long and by using your binoculars you can easily spy on people and even hear what they have to say to each other. This allows for more opportunities to sneak around easier and makes the game more open-ended.