Rating System

So, how exactly do we rate games here at PCGS? Well, we hate working off of statistics. Numbers and figures just bore us to death. Of course we do use simple percentages as the final score to give you an idea of where that game lies compared to all the rest. Most websites give off different scores such as a ‘9’ or ’10’ to different areas of a game such as the graphics and gameplay. Then they take all of those scores, average them together, and get the final score for the game. We, however, do it in a more simple way without all those numbers.


When reviewing a game, we look at six different elements within that game. These different elements include graphics, sound, physics, AI, gameplay, and the storyline if there is one. When taking a look at these different elements, we compare them to other games of the same genre ultimately giving us an idea of how these elements act in a specific game. We then create a final score in the form of a percentage that we feel best puts a specific game in its place when compared to the rest. This percentage is also based upon how well we feel all of the elements blend together to create an overall great experience.


Rating System:



Editor’s Choice

Any game that makes it this high in our rankings is definitely worth buying.



Amazing Work

These are some awesome titles, but they just didn’t quite bring anything new to the table.




This area of games includes some great titles that are at least worth looking at.




This group includes some ok games that you may want to think twice about before buying.



Don’t Bother

Any games listed in this area are a complete waste of your time and money.