Sims 2

Every PC gamer has heard about The Sims. The first game of it’s type, The Sims hit the shelves like no other and went on to become the best selling PC game of all time. Well ladies and gents, EA and Maxis are back with not an expansion, but a whole new, completely re-done, sequel! Full of new features, The Sims 2 is destined to break it’s predecessor’s record.

Like the original game, this sequel allows the player to control the everyday life of his or her own “Sim”. From building their home to working the nine to five this game is fully involved. That’s about where the similarities end. Remember those not quite third person views but more like ‘play God looking down upon his people’ views? Well toss those images and prepare to enter the 3-D world with completely redone graphics! Want an idea of the kind of graphics this game packs? Well you’re going to need a GeForce 2 or RADEON 7000 or better graphics card. EA recommends the RADEON 9800 Pro. For the less technically inclined, that means a stock on board graphics card from HP or Dell won’t do.

Remember when you would constantly try to get your Sim a good job to buy all those items for your home? That pretty much seemed like the only object of the game. The Sims 2 changes all of that as you now control your Sims over their lifetimes! You can now mix their genes to prepare for the next generation of your family. You can even set your Sim’s goal in life! Whether it’s fame, fortune, family, romance, or knowledge, you can give them a long happy life or make it a living hell. You can make them become rich or poor, a nerd or a lover, an idiot or genius, it’s up to you!

You can drive your Sim insane or help them to become the biggest icon ever. Or you can also go completely unique and use the “Create-a-Sim” feature which offers facial features, outfits and even hairstyles! Plus you can design your dream house and furnish it with all new tools. You can even design a whole neighborhood just like in the original game. The player can also become a director by making your own Sim-films. Choose the set. Choose the cast. Take control and let your creativity run wild. The choices are endless! Imagine total control. The player’s Sim ages through life. From baby, toddler, child, teen, adult, and up to senior, they are yours to control. Choices have real consequences such as decisions you make as a baby, toddler, child, and teen effect how your Sim lives as an adult.